Project Name:

Madera High HVACMadera HS HVAC 1




Madera Unified School District


Plan and spec summer HVAC Replacement for 3 Buildings at Madera High School for Madera Unified School District.  As the prime contractor we were responsible for all aspects of the project which included the following:

- Removal of ice banking chillers, towers, boilers, pumps, and piping.

- 39 new packaged HVAC rooftop units.

- 3 new split system AC units for teacher work rooms.

- Provided new electrical service for the 3 building.

- Provided gas piping to the 3 buildings.

- Connect gas and condensate to all 39 rooftop units.

- Subcontracted framing for all new rooftop unit locations.

- Subcontracted complete roofing replacement for the 3 buildings.

- Subcontracted Johnson Metasys DDC EMS for HVAC and exterior lighting at the 3 buildings.


Project Name:           

Madison MPR

Madison MPR Addition and Remodel




Sanger Unified School District


Plan and spec modernization of Madison Elementary School for Sanger Unified School District.  Scope of work included HVAC for the new construction of an 11,400 sqft multi-purpose building and remodel of 14 classrooms.  The project included the following:

- Install a new 2 pipe site hydronic system from the new building addition central plant to 1 additional classroom wing.

- New boilers for the addition and campus wide hydronic system.

- New pumps for all campus hydronic systems.

- Replacement of 14 existing unit ventilators with new vertical unit ventilators with exposed ductwork.

- All new kitchen cooling and ventilation equipment including the kitchen hood with fully welded stainless steel exhaust duct.

- All new air handlers, piping, and duct for the new multi-purpose building.

 - We sub-contracted the Johnson Metasys DDC EMS.


Project Name:           

zoo water filtration

Fresno Chaffee Zoo African Adventure




Fresno Chaffee Zoo


Plan/Spec for a large 25 acre exhibit expansion at the local zoo.  Scope of work included mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, equipment setting, and exhibit water filtration systems.  Facility included the following:

- Water filtration central plant including ozone treatment, drum filter, sand filters and chemical injection and monitoring systems.

- Approximately 1,000,000 gallons of water was filtered every 5 hours.  All pools drained to a centralized lift transfer station and transported to the filtration plant through 16” underground HDPE(up to 17’ deep).

- Above ground piping was S/80 PVC with 316SS pipe supports.

- Piping systems included domestic water, natural gas, pool water, and refrigeration.

- HVAC included kitchen exhaust, grease duct and conditioning of numerous animal and keeper buildings.

The largest challenge to overcome during the course of this project was the underground piping installation for the numerous exhibit pools.  The piping had to be routed through an existing park facility that had protected trees and was up to 17’ at some locations.


Project Name:           

Clovis High School Modernization Phase I and IIclovis high




Clovis Unified School District


Plan and spec modernization of Clovis High School for Clovis Unified School District.  Scope  of work included HVAC replacement for most of the campus.  The project included the following:

  • - Install approximately 3,600 feet of new pre-insulated fully welded steel 2 pipe site hydronic system for the main campus.
  • - 7 New 2MBTU boilers.
  • - New pumps for all campus hydronic systems.
  • - Demo of the existing ice banking system and installation of a new chiller.
  • - Install a new 20 ton Multi-zone air handler and duct serving the existing administration office.
  • - Install 5 new package units and duct for the administration addition and library remodel.
  • - Refurbish approximately 208 unit ventilators and fan coils throughout the campus.
  • - Replace 10 existing unit ventilators with new vertical unit ventilators ducted above the ceiling.
  • - Install 120 tons of package unit air conditioning in the large Gym with custom designed Cougar graphics on fabric duct.
  • - Install 90 tons of package unit air conditioning in the small Gym including all plumbing, electrical, structural steel, and duct work.
  • - Replace 2 existing 10 ton air handlers serving the Music building.
  • - Replace Kitchen ventilation equipment.
  • - Modify stainless steel food preparation sinks and counters.
  • - Sub-contracted the Invensys DDC EMS.

Project Name:           

Blue Diamond Turlock Project Centurybd1




Design/build construction of a ground up 200,000 square foot almond processing facility for Blue Diamond Almonds.  Scope of work included mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, stainless steel platforms and equipment rigging and setting.  Facility included the following:

  • - 15,000 square foot office with a rooftop VAV HVAC system and all associated domestic plumbing.
  • - 26,000 square foot receiving warehouse with a chilled water fan coil system designed to maintain the space at 80 degrees F.
  • - 42,000 square foot shipping warehouse with a chilled water fan coil system designed to maintain the space at 60 degrees F.
  • - 50,000 square foot process facility with approximately 600 tons of cooling capacity designed for full wash down and FDA approved sanitary environment.
  • - Two 700 ton centrifugal chillers designed to cool the chilled water to 34F using a primary variable speed pumping system.
  • - Five 500 MBH steam boilers.
  • - Two air compressors rated at approximately 1,200 CFM.
  • - Piping systems including chilled water, condenser water, steam, steam condensate return, compressed air, industrial process water, natural gas.
  • - Plumbing systems including process waste and vent (designed as a combination waste and vent system), domestic waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water.


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