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Blue Diamond Turlock Project Centurybd1




Design/build construction of a ground up 200,000 square foot almond processing facility for Blue Diamond Almonds.  Scope of work included mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, stainless steel platforms and equipment rigging and setting.  Facility included the following:

  • - 15,000 square foot office with a rooftop VAV HVAC system and all associated domestic plumbing.
  • - 26,000 square foot receiving warehouse with a chilled water fan coil system designed to maintain the space at 80 degrees F.
  • - 42,000 square foot shipping warehouse with a chilled water fan coil system designed to maintain the space at 60 degrees F.
  • - 50,000 square foot process facility with approximately 600 tons of cooling capacity designed for full wash down and FDA approved sanitary environment.
  • - Two 700 ton centrifugal chillers designed to cool the chilled water to 34F using a primary variable speed pumping system.
  • - Five 500 MBH steam boilers.
  • - Two air compressors rated at approximately 1,200 CFM.
  • - Piping systems including chilled water, condenser water, steam, steam condensate return, compressed air, industrial process water, natural gas.
  • - Plumbing systems including process waste and vent (designed as a combination waste and vent system), domestic waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water.


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