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zoo water filtration

Fresno Chaffee Zoo African Adventure




Fresno Chaffee Zoo


Plan/Spec for a large 25 acre exhibit expansion at the local zoo.  Scope of work included mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, equipment setting, and exhibit water filtration systems.  Facility included the following:

- Water filtration central plant including ozone treatment, drum filter, sand filters and chemical injection and monitoring systems.

- Approximately 1,000,000 gallons of water was filtered every 5 hours.  All pools drained to a centralized lift transfer station and transported to the filtration plant through 16” underground HDPE(up to 17’ deep).

- Above ground piping was S/80 PVC with 316SS pipe supports.

- Piping systems included domestic water, natural gas, pool water, and refrigeration.

- HVAC included kitchen exhaust, grease duct and conditioning of numerous animal and keeper buildings.

The largest challenge to overcome during the course of this project was the underground piping installation for the numerous exhibit pools.  The piping had to be routed through an existing park facility that had protected trees and was up to 17’ at some locations.



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